Imetrex, Zomig, Fiorinal with Codeine will only treat the symptoms;
Bioneogenesis stimulates healing without long-term side effects!

can cause numbness & pain in the arms and legs. Bioneogenesis can cause new growth in the painful area thus eliminating the need for disc surgeries.

of the knees, hip, shoulders & other areas can be improved and strengthened by Bioneogenesis, thus avoiding the need for replacement surgeries.

can be cured without drugs.


relieved without surgery. Bioneogenesis can be especially useful in sports Injuries, TMJ, Fibromayalgia, Tendonitis & Chronic pain.

Bioneogenesis means biological new growth. It is a new and comprehensive way to eliminate pain by treating the underlying cause, thus leading to a permanent cure. The patients report not only relieve of pain but also improvement of function.

Conventional treatment of pain using steroid injections and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications can actually weaken connective tissues, thus worsening the painful condition in the long term.

Instead, Bioneogenesis is a complete new program of permanent healing. This methodology combines many therapeutic interventions which renew, grow, proliferate, and strengthen connective tissues.

Since most pain come as a result of injury, chronic wear and tear, and weaknesses of ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Bioneogenesis aims at correcting the underlying causes rather than just treating the symptoms.

Bioneogenesis is a whole spectrum of healing arts including techniques called Prolotherapy, Neural therapy, Mesotherapy, Oxygen therapy, Magnetic Ion Therapy and Bioenergetics Homotoxicological injections. These injections are combined with state of the art electroceutical therapy, physical therapy, together with advance herbal and nutritional supplements, and exercise to permanently eliminate the cause of pain.

Before subjecting oneself to surgery and nerve destruction as practiced by conventional pain management practicioners. Prolotherapy and neural therapy are simple injections which contain no drugs and have virtually no significant side effects.

These injections involve natural substances which are derived from corn, sugar cane, and cod fish liver oil, such as glucose, glycerin and sodium morrhuate, urea, homeopathics such as Traumeel, Zeel, Lymphomyosot, Sarapin, Oxygen, Ozone, combined with temporary local anesthetics as employed by the dentists to numb the painful area.

Everett Koop, MD, the former U.S. Surgeon General and Robert Akins, MD are prominent proponents of prolotherapy. When Dr. Koop was 40 years old, two separate pain clinics diagnosed him as having incurable back pain that radiated down his leg. Nonetheless, his pain was completely relieved and cured by prolotherapy injections!

Johnnie Morton, NFL player of the Detroit Lions had many injuries that disabled him from furthering his career, and he had pain for more than 10 years. Two sessions of prolotherapy treatments gave him the first pain free session of football and fought like a real lion for the first time!