Nutritional Therapy/Nutraceuticals-Immediate Onsite Sales & Service available at Grace Life Medical Center


Every patient that visit Grace Life will be immediately impressed with the emphasis placed on nutrition and the choice of nutraceutical remedies available. For non-drug treatment of allergies, hypercholesterolemia, prostatic hypertrophy, hormone replacement, joint supplements, immune support, yeast therapy, mental functioning and a variety of chronic illnesses. We are conscientious in recommending only the finest products from the best manufacturers. The following companies are highly recommended:


As a very important suggestion, make sure everyone in the family takes at least 2 to 3 grams of molecularly purified fish oil a day. And please try to take vitamins from food concentrated sources, green life from chlorella, prostate support for males, menopause support for female, mental function support like Brain Elevate and Cerebroplex, trace minerals and calcium from coral calcium, joint support from Glucosamine, chrondroitin, MSM, and silica, Olive leaf for immune support and Total Well Being, Heart and Cholesterol support for cardiovascular functions. These and many other nutraceuticalc are immediately available at Grace Life Medical Center.


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