Infratonic QGM


The Infratonic QGM is a waveform that increase the flow of meridian energy through a simple massage into the targeted area. It can be performed while the patient is undergoing acupuncture or other related activities. There is also an added advantage of simply placing the machine above the internal organs to be treated, like the bowels and pelvic organs.

It is very useful for people who want the benefits of acupuncture without the needles. See website:


Infratonic QGM

The Infratonic was developed out of scientific research in Beijing China which studied natural healers and found that most powerful healers were able to emit a strong low frequency sound signal from their hands. The sound emitted from average individuals was only 1/100 as strong. The Infratonic, now used by 2% of all doctors in the United States, was developed out of this research.

What is Infratonic Therapy?

Infra means below; tonic means to tone. Infratonic frequencies tone bodily tissues and glands. Relying on the power of sound, Infratonic QGM's ultra-low frequency sound waves increase micro-circulation, reduce swelling, relieve chronic pain and promotes healing.

Completely natural and non-invasive, the body is invigorated and the mind becomes more attuned. The result? A superior pain management system that aids local circulation and nerve communication from the point of pain to the brain. Thousands of enthusiastic users worldwide!

Testing in hospitals and research laboratories found that low frequency sound was indeed effective at increasing vitality, accelerating healing, and strengthening immune function. Feedback from practitioners offers guidelines for applying the Infratonic in individual cases.

Low Frequency Sound Pain Management System - The Infratonic is a low frequency, electro-acoustical therapeutic massager designed for effective treatment of pain and accelerated recovery. It works by increasing the local circulation of blood, lymph and the activity of the nervous system. The Infratonic activates local tissue, moving old fluids out of painful areas and drawing in fresh, oxygenated fluids to enhance the healing process, reduce swelling and relax armored muscles.

More Effective Long-Term Pain Relief Than TENS - Like TENS, the Infratonic interacts with the nervous system. But while TENS interferes with the neural communications, the Infratonic reproduces the brain's natural alpha rhythm and synchronizes the signal between the brain and the nervous system, enhancing the body's natural healing process.

No Risk Of Deep Tissue Burns Like Ultrasound - The Infratonic applies sound waves to aid local microcirculation, similar to ultrasound treatment. But while ultrasound uses high frequency sound which can cause deep tissue burns, the Infratonic uses low frequency, so there is no chance of excess heat build-up, no problem with metal plates, pins or staples, and no need for an attendant.

Easy To Use - Patients can be taught to use the Infratonic in less than one minute. This eliminate the need for an attendant and actively involves the patient in the healing process, offering high patient acceptance level. Simply applied to the area of discomfort, the Infratonic quickly relieves pain and accelerates recovery.

Drug Free Pain Relief - The Infratonic can be used as an adjunct to drug treatment or other therapies. It can also be used in any patient regardless of age or weight with no tolerance build-up.


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