Detoxification-Onsite Detoxification with Oxygen/Ozone steam cabinet services available


Our environment is loaded with pollution and poisoning is occurring daily with everything we do. We are absorbing chlorine while we take a bath or dip into a swimming pool, we are breathing in lead from the car exhaust. There are mercury in the fish, cadmium in the shellfish, pesticides in the bread, hormones and antibiotics in the meat and milk. It is therefore prudent to limit our exposure to these chemicals, but also wise to remove them from our body. Chelation by DMPS, EDTA can effectively remove lead, mercury and heavy metals from the body. At Grace Life, we do not use chelation to treat coronary artery disease, but we do employ IV chelation if there is clear evidence of heavy metal poisoning.


There are many other ways to detoxify. One of them is by sweat. The infrared sauna or steam oxygen bath can be both detoxifying. The oxygen bath has an added value of

immune boosting at the same time. Chlorella, a sea algae, has the potential of binding heavy metals through oral administration.


Many chronic illnesses are caused by decrease immune status as a result of chronic poisoning. Only by eliminating the underlying poisoning can one permanently recover from these chronic illnesses.


Steam Sauna Inlet Port

Ozone Steam bath is a completely safe and harmless way of absorbing maximum amount of oxygen in the body while detoxifying at the same time.

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Dysbiosis is the term given for abnormal colonization of harmful bacteria in our gut. Since 80 % of our lymphatic system connects to the gut, the health of the gut flora is very important. Frequent antibiotic use can kill off friendly bacteria in our gut and promote harmful growth of fungus. Long term use of steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents like Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Naprosyn, Aspirin can lead to further compromise of the gut membrane and ultimately, leaky gut syndrome.


Leaky Gut Syndrome is a condition not too well known by most medical doctors, but is the leading cause of allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, multiple autoimmune disorders. The compromise of the gut flora and the further attack by the drugs such as steroid, motrin leads to thin membrane and leaky membrane in the intestine. Thereby, an enormous load of foreign antigens can be found in the blood stream and deposited in the joints and skin, liver and kidneys, leading to multi-system over sensitivities and allergies, hyperactive immune response, autoimmune disease. Clinically, we see many patients with unexplained joint pain, allergies, skin rashes, general malaise and low immune function. Overgrowth of yeast and chronic viral infections are then seeded secondarily to the primary gut dysfunction.



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